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As a mother of a 12 week old little girl (why do we say little? its obvious isn't it if shes's only 12 weeks old?!), I've re-learnt something about myself and business.

You've gotta be prepared to make a fool of yourself.

My baby has learnt to giggle and talk (well goo and gah) back to you now and I encourage that as much as I can with tickles,
lotsa stupid voices,
random singing,
and funny faces.

Now I don't care about making a fool of myself because I'm doing this for her.
I'm teaching her lessons
I'm helping her to learn to control her mouth and sounds and whatever else!

Currently, her favourite sound from me is the “Donald duck” graspy voice sound

But when it comes to my partner and two other kids they say they can't make silly sounds as it sounds stupid and they don't want to be embarrassed

And I see the same thing in your business.

You're not prepared to make a fool of yourself for the sake of the customer that you say you want to help?

You don't want to take that public speaking opportunity,
You're not prepared to hop on video and talk to your audience
You're not ready to pick up the phone and cold call that “big” potential client or JV partner
You don't send out press releases for fear of being on TV/Media
You don't write honest social media posts
You don't write tI'm “i'm pissed off” blog post to reach out to the soul of your clients

Let's get real though…
Honestly – who cares?

If you do – you'll be only 1% of 1% of the population who ever do anything ‘big' anyway.

Everything in business is a learning curve and those above activities are nothing different.
If you make a fool of yourself who cares?
Learn the lesson and/or capitalise on it!

That chick who put on the chubacca mask did the video for the fun of it and now has a business and making $ because she was prepared to be a fool!

Plus they're are honestly the funniest moments on TV, YouTube and even at family gatherings, when Aunty Joyce told the dirty joke at aged 89.  She didn't care about what her family thought of it.  But the family will always remember her because of it.

I once declared at a business breakfast that I was a builder.

Now being 3'10” tall (115cms). female and in a wheelchair, to declare that you're a builder certainly raises eyebrows.
I went on to say that I build peoples businesses and they needed to talk to me if they wanted to do the same.
Well after that breakfast I got a good 20 people come up to me (out of about 50) and ask me to talk further about it.
I was prepared to be a fool and it paid off.

So where is it you're making a fool of yourself in your business??
Are you actually putting yourself out there?
Or are you hiding behind your keyboard spinning the same shit that is the right thing to do?

If you want personalised marketing strategy from a seasoned pro for a stupidly low price – jump on over to this page here and sign up now whilst I’m insane and not charging what I truly should be.

But be warned – I’m blunt.

I take no bullshit
no excuses
and certainly not into time wasters

Oh – and I’m not the girly girl who’s going to be patting you on the back and gushing at you for putting up a landing page.  (give me a bucket)
If you are dead set wanting genuine help with copy, low-cost technology, strategy, or leverage in your online marketing on a monthly basis then let’s get to it.

Remember – Accessible Business – Accessible life

^^^ Malissa ^^^

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