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I LOVE marketing strategy.

It's totally my thing – but there's ONE major problem I see day in and day out with you all out there.

You're pretending that you're a named brand like Coke(TM) or Apple(TM).


Surely you know what you're doing – or so you've been told cause you've bought the latest internet marketing product that's promised you thousands over night for telling your storey…. (another time)

But you're not a “brand name” so stop acting like it.

Work out who you wanna help
Choose a way to help them
Put it into a neat package that has actual VALUE to them
Sell the SHIT outta that until you can move onto the next product/ niche/ topic.

Stop launching templated stuff that no one honestly cares about.

It's totally transparent and you just waste time, money and potentially give your wanna be clients the shits.

Back in the day when internet marketing first started out (yes I'm THAT old) it was so easy to throw something up and sent 0.01 cent leads/traffic/clicks to your page and make bucket load of $.

But its 2017 now and not 2000 something…

People are blind to the marketing that is out there…

You're bored in your business
You're overwhelmed doing the “right” thing each day
You're sick to death of expensive technology that doesn't work (uh hum…clickfunnels, infusionsoft and more)
You're frustrated trying to outsource stuff cause thats what everyone tells you to do, but finding that one of two people is tough and no where near as easy as they say all the time

You're ready to cave in and buy the next product hoping that its going to be the answer – right?

I've done
You've done it
Your mentor has done (even if they say they haven't)

But you're missing the bigger picture…

You're missing the ability in all of it to be you – in a strategic way though!

It's all very well – setting up a whole Jeff Walker launch or Bushra Azra (love her) launch and both work fabulously…

But where are you???

Where's the quirky guy who actually loves cats but doesn't want to admit to it?

Where's the single mum working from home and pretending to put on a brave face to “fake it till she makes it”?

Is it actually natural for you to be doing it their way?

Do you feel that it's totally a “hell yes” and put all your energy into it day in day out to make it work – but then get through 3-4 days of it and loose motivation cause it doesn't feel right?

Or worse – you put in the $'s, the time, the energy only to lose it all on a launch that didn't achieve anything you wanted?

I have worked with people time and time again to show them their personal strategy that actually makes sense to their soul, to their business and to the outcome they're actually wanting to achieve.

There's more to internet marketing than outsourcing, launching and having the right keywords (urgh).

Remember – you're not Coke(TM) or Apple(TM)

You're YOU.

A wonderfully complicated
one off

individual that shouldn't be looking so much to follow everyone elses shit all the time.

Trust me – I've done it and it sucks.

I've also seen probably over 500 information products in my time and the key thing that's missing from them all is personality.

There's probably been only 3 products in that whole time that have revolutionised the internet marketing scene and I don't think any of them are available any longer, but they did have personality in them as well as kick arse methods that actually work.

If you want personalised marketing strategy from a seasoned pro for a stupidly low price – jump on over to this page here and sign up now whilst I'm insane and not charging what I truly should be.

But be warned – I'm blunt.

I take no bullshit
no excuses
and certainly not into time wasters

Oh – and I'm not the girly girl who's going to be patting you on the back and gushing at you for putting up a landing page.  (give me a bucket)
If you are dead set wanting genuine help with copy, low-cost technology, strategy, or leverage in your online marketing on a monthly basis then let's get to it.

Remember – Accessible Business – Accessible life

^^^ Malissa ^^^



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